Qualified engineering services

End-to-end engineering support, expertise, and customized solutions help clients achieve strategic and competitive goals.
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24x7 Technical Support

Toll Free (U.S. only): 1.800.620.3586

The Ventus Technical Support Center operates around the clock to ensure rapid response and resolution.

Qualified Engineering Services

Ventus Engineering Support Services are comprised of pre- and post-sales support to ensure our solutions meet your needs, as well as end-to-end support, expertise, and customized solutions. Our broad knowledge is based on years of experience and successful deployments.

We work closely with clients to help them achieve strategic and competitive goals. Just as we pursue excellence in our own operations, so too do we deliver excellence to our customers, collaborating with them to build solutions that overcome challenges and drive business forward.

Network Engineering Support

Professional engineering, network design, hardware selection, implementation, and installation services are performed by Ventus certified professionals to support your network, operations, and users. Our experienced project management team understands the complexities of procuring, monitoring, and managing your telecommunications equipment and services. Ventus service support technicians are well versed in complex network and IT infrastructures.

Pre-Installation Engineered Surveys

Many variables affect the coverage and performance of a wireless network. By conducting multiple pre-installation surveys, Ventus engineers review and analyze interference, power supply, mounting options, and network connectivity in order to recommend the best wireless solution for each location.

RF surveys: Assess the way RF waves will behave in an environment in order to identify the equipment needed for optimal wireless network performance. Evaluate RF signal strength, high data rate, physical building conditions, interference levels and sources, interior building conditions, and mounting options for the router, antenna, and signal booster (if needed).

Physical survey: Analyze the physical characteristics of a location, providing input on the best positioning for routers and antennas to optimize the wireless signal.

Professional Engineering

Ventus leads the industry in leveraging technology to solve business and IT challenges. We collaborate with you from design to implementation to full lifecycle support.

Network Engineering: Robust wireless and fixed line network design, offering unique expertise in RF engineering, security and encryption strategies, transaction delivery, and front- and back-end network infrastructure

Software Engineering: Clear, concise, and functional code for scalable solutions, with expertise in multi-operational disparate platforms and middleware integration

Product Engineering: Results-oriented product engineering delivered with a dedication to excellence, knowledge, and industry best practices