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Our industry-leading capabilities offer unrivaled competitive advantages by seamlessly networking disparate devices into a unified delivery platform.
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Government Applications:

  • Federal, State & Municipal
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Postal Agencies
  • Roadways & Metro Transport
  • Disaster Response
  • Police/Law Enforcement
  • First Response
  • Government Agencies
  • Fire & Emergency
  • Military & Defense

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IT Outsourcing for the Government Sector

Extend resources and increase operational efficiencies by choosing Ventus to streamline your IT outsourcing needs. Our products and services help the public sector reduce IT costs, leverage emerging technologies, and scale resources to meet demand.

We integrate existing network hardware with proven new technologies to help our clients improve operations and performance. Our effective solutions for federal, state, and municipal governments include applications for smart cities, distributed networks, remote device monitoring, COOP (Continuity of Operations), and more.

Our broad experience with enterprise-class wireless networking, back-office requirements, failover and backup connectivity, financial transactions, and secured networks delivers an incomparable combination for success.

Network Backup: Avoid detrimental downtime, and increase user productivity with persistent network availability and data recovery

Fully Managed Network Services: Benefit from our telecommunications expertise: Ventus offers managed networks, network monitoring, managed VPN, network field services and 24x7 technical support

Converged Networks: Merge voice and data traffic onto a single backbone and balance central communications networks with distributed operational networks to create a unified system that allows you to utilize next-generation technologies and speeds while simplifying management

Business Processes: Control telecommunications expenses with customized invoicing, monthly detail analysis, expense tracking, and invoice dispute resolution

Network Security: Protect customer and corporate data with high level encryption, tunneling, intrusion detection, and managed VPN

Network Out-tasking Services: Seamlessly integrate Ventus out-tasking components with internal IT operations to leverage our industry expertise while optimizing current investments

Cloud Services: Benefit from a cost-conscious alternative to in-house infrastructure for application hosting, data storage, transaction processing, payment processing, content distribution, disaster recovery, and more