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Managed VPN services

Secured connections to support remote devices and site-to-site communications.
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Security Features in the
Ventus VPN Router:

  • Full tunnel configurability
  • Private key authentication
  • Security key management system
  • Stateful firewall and security policies to control traffic access
Additional Ventus VPN
Security Features

  • Intrusion detection system (IDS) monitors intrusion attempts and alerts Ventus 24x7 Technical Support
  • High-level encryption based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • IPSec VPN tunnel with pre-shared keys
  • Ventus internal security policies protect the privacy of your data

Easy, Secure Remote Networking

Remote data centers, branch offices, ATMs, and kiosks need options for secure connections. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a cost-effective way to extend your network to any location where broadband connectivity is available. VPNs support remote devices and site-to-site communications with any network, data center, or other connection point.

Ventus VPN Solutions

Ventus VPNs establish encrypted connections through a public Internet access point. Securely connect using any of our VPN concentrators, routers, servers, or other third party VPN appliances. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of network monitoring and management tools, interconnect solutions, and secure enterprise applications through our managed VPN services:

EdgePoint VPN provides a monitored and managed VPN connection over the Internet using a Ventus device. Edgepoint is a managed VPN service at the edge so you can securely connect remote branch offices, ATMs, and self-service kiosks with broadband network access.

HighBand VPN provides a monitored and managed VPN service over high-bandwidth circuits for host-to-host connections between data centers. This service also supports aggregation of multiple edge VPN locations or other methods of delivering high-bandwidth, encrypted traffic between data centers. This service supports VPN tunnels with speeds of 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

All Ventus VPN services are managed across the network--from the edge to the core or between data centers.

Ventus VPN services include equipment configuration, upgrades, remote diagnostics, proactive alerts, and more through Genesis™, our web-based management platform.

Security Methods of Ventus VPNs

Ventus employs Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) encryption methods and other VPN tunneling protocols to deliver reliable, secure VPN connections for network traffic.

When connected to the Internet, the Ventus VPN router establishes a secure tunnel to a dedicated Ventus VPN server/concentrator using high-level encryption and private key device identification. This allows traffic from an authorized network device attached to the Ventus VPN router to traverse the Internet safely, securely, and encrypted at all times. The Ventus VPN router also supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for simple setup and installation.