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Our solutions do more

Ventus’ security solution is a multi-faceted monitoring administration system built for comprehensive risk management. Our solutions provide total peace of mind for your business.
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Safeguard With Smarter Solutions

Partner with Ventus for a unified approach to protecting business integrity, data confidentiality, network resources and asset security risks. A complete security system includes physical surveillance, redundant off-site solutions, fault tolerance, alarm status monitoring, and rapid response. Our solutions ensure protection and safeguard your corporate, branch, and remote locations and devices.

Your Security, Our Responsibility

Implement end-to-end security programs by partnering with Ventus. Our portfolio of security solutions is available as fully managed or a la carte services: network monitoring, data encryption, firewalling, Intrusion Detection Systems, physical surveillance, and video and data storage. Designed to safeguard networks, facilities, remote branches, and customer off-premise equipment (CPE), our solutions do more than protect your assets. We preserve integrity and provide total peace of mind for your business.


Unified Surveillance
Protect your investments with our unified surveillance platform, the ideal solution to augment risk management programs and address core security requirements. Build customer trust and corporate success by securing assets and mitigating liability.
Managed Network Security
Guard your data in transport and storage with our industry-leading secure networking and lifecycle management – from risk identification to deployment backed by 24x7 support. Ventus offers fully managed security services to meet regulatory and business needs.
Security Infrastructure
Ensure your network security platform runs flawlessly by employing our impenetrable connectivity, failover, and hardware. Ventus delivers the most advanced portfolio of telecommunications solutions, appliances, and equipment available today