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Building on experience

Ventus professional engineering and field services guarantee a solution that meets your needs from beginning to end.
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Ventus Field Installation Services support a wide range of technologies, including:
  • Ventus, Cisco, Juniper, or other third party networking hardware
  • Network circuits, structured cabling, and on-site engineering
  • ATMs and self-service kiosk networking
  • Alarm panels, security cameras and systems, and digital video recorders (DVRs) connectivity
Our experience in custom software applications includes a broad range of products, including:
  • Network monitoring
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Protocol conversion
  • Inventory management
  • Customized Web applications

Solutions Built on Experience

All Ventus products and services include pre- and post-sales support to ensure our solutions meet your needs. However, businesses seeking end-to-end support, expertise, and customized solutions can benefit from Ventus Professional Services.  Our broad knowledge is based on years of experience and thousands of successful deployments in the Financial Services industry. Choose Ventus for Professional Engineering, Field Installations, and Technical Support to gain access to our technical expertise and industry knowledge.

Engineering Services:

Ventus delivers Network, Software, and Product Engineering for superior business results.

Ventus Network Engineering Services: Ventus engineers design network infrastructure to complement your IT capabilities. Our engineering division architects wireless and fixed line networks, secure private networks, transaction gateways, encryption strategies, front- and back-end network infrastructure connectivity, and more. Services encompass conceptual network design, network and equipment specifications, testing, and project management. Additionally, network engineering solutions can include traffic shaping and quality of service (QoS) to provide you with superior connectivity.

Software Engineering Services: Ventus engineers deliver clear, concisely written code that works: database design, middleware and software applications, and embedded device programming. We can meet your application needs with an "off-the-shelf" package or develop software tailored to your specific requirements. No matter what end-user application your business requires, our breadth of expertise in programming languages includes C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Linux Shell, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX), ActionScript, Perl , Python, VB, VBScript, VBA and any others needed to meet your needs.

Product Engineering Services: Ventus engages with customers for results-oriented product engineering. We are dedicated to excellence, knowledge, and industry best practices to develop quality products. Our professional engineering services encompass product definition and budgeting, product roadmaps, software specifications, product design, equipment testing, and quality analysis.

Field Installation Services

Ventus provides fully managed Network and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) installation and technical support.

Ventus Field Installation Services offer complete logistical planning, project management, and maintenance support for network installation performed by industry-certified technicians. These services include initial RF site surveys, signal mediation, provisioning, and project oversight through lifecycle monitoring and management, and global rollouts. All field installation activities are fully managed and supported 24x7.

Network design, implementation, engineering, and installation services are performed by Ventus certified professionals to support your network, operations, and users. Ventus service support technicians are knowledgeable with landline and wireless installations and can troubleshoot highly complex network scenarios. Our highly experienced project management team understands the complexities of procuring, monitoring, and managing your telecommunications equipment and services.

All vendor schedules are maintained in our web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which provides real-time project management of all field resources – Ventus personnel, customer employees, vendors, and third-party service technicians. 

Technical Support Services

Ventus Technical Services deliver global support capabilities that simplify and enhance network operations for your IT staff and users.

Our 24x7, state-of-the-art Ventus Technical Support Center is supported by our skilled and US-based Ventus Technical Support team to deliver exceptional customer service. Tiered support and well-defined escalation procedures assure rapid response and resolution to hardware and network issues. Multi-language support simplifies assistance for all users.