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Intelligent networking

Operate without fail, every minute of every day. Ventus collaborates with you to develop a custom tailored network monitoring solution.
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Benefit from 24x7 remote network plan and device management
  • Ordering and account administration interface for network services
  • Site activation and deactivation
  • Module activation and termination
  • Real-time maintenance and outage alerts
  • Easily provision (move, add, and change) services and equipment
  • Over-the-air network changes
  • Automated troubleshooting tools
  • Intuitive ticketing system with cross-platform links
  • Order, request, or automate dispatch of field services for equipment testing, troubleshooting, and replacement
Ventus Genesis enables monitoring for your networked remote devices: end nodes, servers and core equipment, and edge devices like ATMs and Kiosks.
  • Device status: up/down, device health, event log
  • Automatic field services request for NCR, Diebold, and other equipment
  • Dispatch and repair with four hour guaranteed response time

Ventus Network Monitoring

Financial institutions rely on network infrastructure to operate --without fail-- every minute of every day. Network status awareness is vital to branch and corporate operations and achieving high-level customer satisfaction and retention. Partner with us to identify and resolve network and hardware problems before they affect operations.

Tailored, Intelligent Network Monitoring

Ventus is your single resource for monitoring every aspect of network infrastructure from endpoint to endpoint. Attain consistent, high levels of network availability with Genesis™, our robust web-based network monitoring and management tool.

Ventus Genesis™ For Visionary Network Monitoring

Web-based network monitoring and management platform with network-specific views

Secure, user-friendly portal and dashboard display for all network management functions

Proactive MB plan alerts to prevent overages

Customizable network performance reporting and benchmarking

Concise graphics with multiple views into network health

Innovative views into network health and equipment status

Seamless integration with existing network monitoring systems and any service provider

Instant message industry-certified network engineers

24x7 remote network plan and device management


Technical Support Center

Ventus Technical Support delivers the support capabilities that simplify and enhance network operations for your IT staff and users.

Our 24x7, state-of-the-art Ventus Technical Support Center is staffed with our highly skilled and US-based Ventus Technical Support Team to deliver exceptional customer service. Tiered support and well-defined escalation procedures assure rapid response and resolution to hardware and network issues. Multi-language support simplifies assistance for all users.

All Ventus team members understand the network backbones, equipment, and carrier networks used by financial institutions. They are adept at answering complex network support questions from users, installers, and IT managers.

Assure network availability with a broad range of monitoring capabilities:

  • Multiple network modalities including Wireless, MPLS, Frame Relay, Cable, DSL, Ethernet, Fiber, and the latest transport technologies
  • Monitor any segment of the network, from the physical layer to the application layer, to meet your business needs
  • Network monitoring metrics: response time, availability, consistency, and reliability
  • Remote networked device monitoring and management
  • Wireless network monitoring measures latency, interference, and environmental conditions