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Ventus manages disparate networks and securely moves critical business data for global applications.
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Components of Ventus’ end-to-end managed services for cellular/wireless and fixed-line networks include:
  • Complete hardware & software solutions
  • Integration management
  • Carrier agnostic connections
  • Customizable management reports
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Robust, web-based monitoring user interfaces (UI)
  • 24x7 technical support services
  • Responsive field service support
Many financial institutions are realizing the benefits of outsourcing particular business areas:
  • ATM networking
  • Entire self-service channel
  • Remote surveillance
  • Security transport
  • Network monitoring
  • Digital campaign management
  • Core switching
Genesis highlights:
  • Cross-platform monitoring capabilities
  • Add/subtract/delete/suspend locations
  • Order equipment/network components
  • Monitor complete network health
  • Most robust monitoring tools for services
  • Environmental conditions
  • Designed with you in mind

Ventus Managed Networks

The world’s leading financial institutions depend on Ventus expertise for enterprise class, fully managed, sustainable IT infrastructures. We architect and maintain highly efficient networks enabling the scalability required to manage growth. Outsourcing the responsibilities for your network to Ventus facilitates workforce optimization, eliminates wasting precious resources on “non-core” tasks, and produces immediate cost savings. Utilizing Ventus Managed Networks allows you to stay ahead of the technology curve; more effectively balance the needs of your entire organization, and ultimately, do more with less.

Ventus manages disparate networks and securely moves critical business data throughout enterprises globally. We deliver comprehensive primary and failover connections for enterprise, branch, self-service and ATM telecommunications; wireless and fixed-line WANs, security traffic and more. Eliminate the challenges of maintaining a multi-vendor, multi-platform environment with our PCI-compliant, load-balanced, fault-tolerant network core while enjoying comprehensive best-in-class services from our engineering and technical support organizations.

Features Ventus Managed Networks Benefits
Outsource network infrastructure Gain better economies of scale
Quick-to-market implementation
Reduce or eliminate new hardware and software costs Scalable capacity
Lower total cost of ownership
Consolidate multi-vendor/multi-technology platforms Improved administrative efficiency
Single source for vendor management
Consolidated telco expenditures
Improved management controls
Outsource network security Improve overall end-to-end security
Meet PCI and other regulatory requirements
Integrated Technical Support Experienced technical support
Rapid, real-time response to customer inquiries
Control  budget outlays Predictable monthly cost
Robust Network Monitoring System Full monitoring and management
Increased network visibility
Automated response and resolution
Proactive alerts
Ordering management platform

Ventus Out-tasking

Ventus makes it easy to out-task specific “a la carte” services to suit your immediate and long-term needs. Leverage the strength of Ventus’ network infrastructure, hardware, software, engineering, switching capability, monitoring tools, connectivity options, and secure fault-tolerant architecture.

These and many other services are designed to complement your existing infrastructure and buttress your operations when and where required.  Components can be "standalone" solutions or integrated into your operations.

Simplify and optimize your complex IT environment with Ventus Managed Network Services. Focus on core competencies and strategic long-term goals, while we manage your network infrastructure.

Whether you are looking for a completely managed primary network, back-up network or any subset, we can scale a solution to meet your requirements.

Genesis™: The DNA for Network Management

Partner with Ventus to improve network availability, increase customer satisfaction, and gain remote access to robust network management tools. Genesis, our comprehensive network monitoring system (NMS) can monitor any accessible network device.  It has built-in ordering, ticketing and escalation modules, proactive alerts, global views into network health and system operations, and more. Tailored interfaces suit your preferred operating system design: Cisco, Juniper, Ventus,, so your screens and actions are immediately recognizable. With Genesis, fewer people can manage and control more network components.