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Innovative loss prevention and asset surveillance solutions for financial institutions intent on reducing costs from stolen or damaged assets.
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Ventus solutions offer many advantages, including:

  • Superior network coverage because Ventus serves more locations, with more towers, than any single carrier.
  • Embedded software in the Ventus wireless router enhances the strength, speed, and capabilities of the local cellular service.
  • Cost-effective, usage-based pricing with data plan pooling available for multiple locations.
The video and/or data can be routed to multiple destinations according to your security operations and response procedures:

  • Ventus security operations center (SOC)
  • Third-party security companies
  • Off-site data and video storage facilities
  • In-house security monitoring platforms
  • Local authorities

Ventus Wireless Solutions for Security Applications

The strength and stability of today's cellular wireless networks make them a powerful solution for network and physical security in financial institutions. Ventus M2M and Enterprise Wireless solutions provide secure connectivity to protect property, employees, and customers, as well as to guard data, computers, networks, and applications.

Deploy Ventus Cellular Wireless for multiple security applications including asset tracking and loss prevention, and transporting security-related traffic such as alarm signals and video streams.

Asset Tracking for Loss Prevention

Ventus provides innovative loss prevention and asset surveillance solutions for financial institutions intent on reducing costs from stolen or damaged assets. Protect ATMs, self-service kiosks, or branch assets from tampering and theft by tracking them in real-time with the advanced capabilities of the Ventus wireless router and a wireless network link to your security monitoring center.

Because the Ventus wireless router can be placed within your remote devices, criminals may not be aware their activities are being monitored. The router itself is protected from tampering with internal tilt sensors that send an alert or initiate protective actions if the device is moved.

Global positioning satellite (GPS) or assisted aGPS (with cell tower triangulation) technology within the Ventus wireless router provide geo-fencing capability to track the location of stationary or mobile devices. Alerts notify you when the device is moved outside a defined area, which may indicate potential theft or tampering.

Efficient, Economical Transport for Security Video and Data

Ventus wireless services reduce costs by integrating video and data from diverse security systems for transport over a single high-speed, secure wireless network connection.

Ventus security transport services offer a streamlined, single platform for providing network connectivity to the different systems used for:

  • Surveillance: Video cameras and recorders for outside ATMs and drop boxes, loitering detection, entry-door identification systems, access control systems
  • Monitoring activity inside a branch office: Panic alarms, vault area alarm systems, teller lines, safe-deposit box cameras, skimming detection
  • Physical device security: Asset loss prevention through geo-fencing and tilt sensing capabilities in the Ventus wireless router

Use Ventus security transport services for your primary network connection or as a backup to existing fixed lines at local sites for maintaining remote access to security systems during a local network outage. Wireless services also support quick, simple setup for seasonal, temporary, or mobile ATM and kiosk locations.

Ventus provides robust, 24x7 management capabilities to maintain high availability for the wireless router and network connections. Monitor your network links with the Ventus Genesis™ web-based management platform. We also provision network connections and offer field services to install security and networking equipment at your local sites.