Smart, agile networking

Quick-to-market, high-bandwidth, and reliable enterprise class cellular wireless to support mission-critical operations.
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Wireless for Financial Services

Network Access for More Sites, More Users, More Devices

Ventus WWAN provides enterprise class primary and backup cellular wireless services necessary to support mission-critical operations.
  • Voice, video, and data applications
  • Branch and mobile offices, temporary locations
  • Remote users
  • Security monitoring and surveillance systems
  • Wireless hot spots for secured customer access
  • On-site self-service kiosks

Ventus Branch and Corporate Wireless WAN

For secure internet and corporate network connectivity, Ventus Branch and Corporate Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network) offers fully managed Enterprise network access, hardware, and services including installation and lifecycle support.

  • Deploy economical, quick-to-market, high-bandwidth, and reliable IP connectivity for corporate, branch, and remote sites, users, and devices
  • Support Internet access, VoIP, business applications, and customer hot-spots
  • Avoid costly leased lines or time-consuming fixed line installations
  • Leverage the scalability of a wireless WAN to create an agile, manageable network infrastructure

Our versatile V-series cellular routers deliver an Enterprise Wireless WAN connection wherever you need it, via cellular broadband service . This wireless link can serve as your primary network access or as a backup to existing fixed-line connections.

WWAN Feature Benefits
4G speed and dual-carrier routing (where available) High-performance, reliable network access
Easy scalability for adding new locations and devices
Quality of Service (QoS) Support Prioritizes voice and other mission-critical traffic to maintain high application quality
Economical rate plans with data pooling Cost-effective plans minimize overages
Facilitates budgeting and planning
Advanced traffic segmentation, encryption, and tunneling methods Prevents unauthorized access to corporate data when offering public WiFi service at a site
Meets business and compliance requirements for network security and data privacy
Ventus Monitoring and Management Services 24/7 remote network monitoring
Fully managed services available: equipment installation, field services, and network engineering