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Consolidate your networking requirements with comprehensive products and solutions from Ventus.
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Cellular Broadband Network Solutions from Ventus

Cellular Wireless is a proven, cost-effective alternative to fixed-line connectivity. Leading financial institutions are taking advantage of the limitless capabilities, speed to market, scalability, and flexibility cellular solutions deliver. For rapid deployments, branch, corporate and back-office applications, M2M Wireless and Enterprise Wireless provide secure, high-speed, persistent availability. Ventus Wireless streamlines your network to improve operations:

Industry Leading Solutions

Ventus offers complete Enterprise and M2M wireless solutions that integrate network infrastructure with our pioneering hardware and software to deliver high-speed, fault-tolerant wireless data connectivity. Consolidate your networking requirements with comprehensive products and solutions: hardware, software, infrastructure, monitoring, and lifecycle management.

  • Highest speed connection and best coverage available for your remote devices and sites
  • Robust Ventus backbone supports all of your communications
  • Innovative Ventus routers arrive user-ready for fast, simple installations
  • Fully managed solution: Ventus provides the wireless routers, manages the connections, monitors the network, and provides full lifecycle support
  • Data security to meet your business and compliance requirements, using a variety of encryption methods designed to keep your content safe including: IPSec, GRE, AES 256, IDS, active firewalling, and SSL/TSL and private VPN tunnels
  • Persistent network availability built-in to Ventus router hardware and software