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Simplified delivery

Consolidate your incoming and outgoing multiple destination traffic into a single stream with Ventus.
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Innovative Transaction Routing to Multiple Gateways

The world's largest financial institutions trust Ventus to securely transport billions of transactions through our established gateways. Leverage our established connections to route all forms of e-commerce traffic, POS, EFT, ATM transactions, security applications, digital media and more to multiple processor gateways.

Ventus provides robust, immediate customer solutions by capitalizing on long-standing certifications and industry relationships with multiple financial processors and host platforms. This connectivity enables financial institutions, independent service organizations (ISOs), merchants, and acquirers to effortlessly direct transactions to multiple processors. Ventus transaction gateways reduce infrastructure, operational, hardware, and networking costs by providing a single network pathway.

Streamlined Transaction Delivery to Multiple Hosts

Ventus Routing Gateways are your portal to simplified transaction delivery. Consolidating in- and out-bound multi-destination network traffic into a single stream, Ventus aggregates branch and edge traffic, operating as a network hub and routing gateway. We direct financial transactions and other data to multiple endpoints, transaction gateways, and payment processor gateways.

  • Enable debit and credit transactions to multiple processors through Ventus gateways
  • Simplify financial connectivity for e-commerce, EFT, and POS
  • Integrate Stored Value Systems and customer loyalty programs
  • Implement advertising campaign management with targeted on-screen marketing data
  • Deliver security camera streams to your security monitoring firm via Ventus routing gateways