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Smart translation

Translate dissimilar machine languages at the network edge or in the network core with Ventus.
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Our protocol conversion capabilities include:

  • Message segmentation and translation
  • Address translation
  • Message format conversion
  • Encapsulation and Message handling

Network Compatibility Through Protocol Conversion

Extend legacy device lifecycle and facilitate network integration with protocol conversion solutions from Ventus. Translate dissimilar machine languages to a common language – at the network edge or in the network core. Protocol Conversion connects and unifies dissimilar networking equipment (like ATMs, POS, self-service kiosks, and security equipment) acquired over many years or during mergers and acquisitions.

Our high-level proficiency with protocol conversion and message translation helps you maintain internal processes by extending the functionality of existing legacy systems and devices. Benefit from our in-depth expertise in core systems, front- and back-office operations, multi-channel processing, and network integration.

Ventus provides protocol conversion through our edge routers, core servers, and software:

Protocol Conversion at the Edge: Our appliances simplify network connectivity from endpoint to endpoint with the ability to perform any necessary protocol conversion on your legacy platform or edge devices.  Our routers and servers deliver transactional data to your IP-only network or host.

Protocol Conversion at the Network Core: Whether you need to send transactional data to multiple hosts, or you are a host processor looking to eliminate the overhead required to run legacy platforms and mainframes, Ventus protocol conversion at the core enables you to reduce infrastructure and networking costs.

Protocol Conversion Software: Leverage our expertise to simplify enterprise-wide protocol conversion. We offer single or multi-thread configurations capable of handling large-scale network conversions. Our software is platform agnostic.

Protocol Conversion Benefits

Protocol conversion enables you to take advantage of more comprehensive device management, advanced diagnostic tools, and a wider array of faster, more secure, less costly networking options.

  • Extend your network investment by maintaining legacy equipment
  • Convert any legacy protocol to IP at the network edge or in the core
  • Meet end-host requirements for data delivery
  • Streamline network operations and increase performance
  • Achieve greater insight into network and system health through Ventus Genesis™ advanced monitoring tools
  • Manage an unlimited number of network devices
  • Enjoy cost-control benefits by reducing or eliminating leased lines
  • Increase network performance and reduce transaction times

Our protocol conversion capabilities include: Message segmentation and translation, Address translation; Message format conversion; Encapsulation and Message handling.

Comprehensive Protocol Conversion

Ventus protocol conversion software supports a wide array of industry protocols. We customize conversion solutions to meet your specific needs, with support for any protocol, including:

Hosted Solutions
Message Formats


Visa I & II
Bisync 3270

Bisync over serial
Async / Dial RJ11

Frame Relay
Tandem AM6520

Double conversions
Fully Customized