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Preserve branch operations

Secure high speed wireless back-up connections to preserve mission critical operations.
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Ensuring Branch Network Reliability

Reliable branch connectivity and no-fail business continuity are key objectives for financial institutions intent on delivering superb customer service. Having the right technology in place to ensure persistent network availability keeps transactions flowing, alleviates costly network downtime, and increases customer satisfaction. Your business requires a survivability solution that preserves your mission-critical operations in any scenario.

The Ventus Wireless Failover Solution

Ventus’ high-speed wireless branch back-up is a proven, low cost, easy-to-implement, secure solution. We build high-level encryption and security into the entire network to deliver speed and reliability, ensuring your operations continue without fail. Our branch survivability solutions transcend fixed-line communication outages to deliver persistent, redundant, fault tolerant, secure connectivity. High-speed Ventus Wireless™ improves time-to-market, remote management and monitoring, and is substantially less expensive than MPLS, Frame Relay, DSL or ISDN.

Seamless Communications

Thousands of locations depend on our enhanced wireless continuity/back-up solution for seamless 24x7 communications. Ventus' secure wireless failover option leverages existing technologies, conforms to green initiatives, and delivers highly competitive advantages. Trust Ventus to provide the reliability and security your business demands.