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Our all-inclusive approach increases efficiency and reduces telecommunications spending
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Tailored Solutions

Our services meet your Branch & Corporate infrastructure and operational needs.

Reliable, Proven Solutions

Ventus applies easy-to-install, cost-effective, scalable solutions to create customized branch and corporate infrastructure. We help you define and prioritize your objectives to lead you through your networking transformation quickly and cost-effectively. Utilizing the most innovative technologies, we produce tangible results: improved network performance, increased customer satisfaction, and measurable cost reductions. With Ventus as your partner, you receive reliability, manageability, and security at the highest levels.

Ventus empowers banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, ISOs, and other financial entities by harnessing and applying technology for more freedom, control, and efficiency. We deliver solutions ranging from branch infrastructure and redundancy to legacy and edge protocol conversion, and from converged networks and cloud computing to security services. For superior telecommunications solutions (LANs, WANs, or converged networks) between corporate and branch offices, rely on Ventus to power your potential.

Profound Industry Knowledge

Branch and corporate networking is critical to a financial institution’s ability to grow business and develop customer relationships. Branch network availability with wireless redundancy ensures user satisfaction and retention. Ventus’ all-inclusive approach to managing corporate and branch networks increases efficiency and reduces telecommunications spend.