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Ventus alleviates complexity, reduces costs and minimizes downtime by managing your network infrastructure from edge to core. We deliver secure and compliant solutions ranging from branch infrastructure and redundancy to protocol conversion, and from M2M and enterprise wireless infrastructure to converged networks. Focus on core operations while Ventus transforms your network infrastructure and minimizes disruptions. Our proven solutions reinforce your business objectives.

Deploy our broad range of industry-leading services in wireless and fixed-line telecommunications to make your business more resilient, efficient, and competitive. Our suite of secured services provides fully integrated innovative hardware and software solutions for primary and secondary data transport, storage and survivability. Clients trust Ventus to deliver secure, high availability, seamlessly integrated connectivity solutions.

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IT Infrastructure incorporates a complex combination of hardware, software, telecommunications, protocols, and vendors. Stringent compliance requirements and complicated IT infrastructure management tax already limited resources and budgets. Fierce competition, consolidations, emerging technologies and expanding requirements force financial institutions to recognize the impact of overall infrastructure TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Your financial services backbone demands unparalleled security, reliability, and cost-effective manageability to meet evolving industry standards.


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