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Rigorous security

Our unified security platform is the ideal comprehensive risk management tool to address the core security requirements of any organization.
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A Multi-Faceted Approach

Ventus protects corporate networks, data, physical facilities, and equipment with innovative and powerful security solutions. Employ our unified, multi-faceted approach to  preserve enterprise security and enjoy total peace of mind.

Ventus guards business integrity with both physical and network security measures.

Physical Security Components

Unified Surveillance: Protect your investments with our unified surveillance platform, offering centralized monitoring and management for: Loss Prevention, Alarm Monitoring, Video Surveillance, and Video & Data Storage

Security Infrastructure: Encrypted wireless and fixed-line connectivity provides primary and/or backup network connectivity for security equipment

Hardware: Industry leading, carrier-class hardware and equipment, including cameras, alarm panels, routers, servers, and other appliances

Network Security Solutions

Managed Network Security: Guard your data in transport and storage with Fully Managed SSL, Firewall, AES encryption, IPSec Tunneling, and IDS

Managed VPN: Encrypted connections extend your network to any location where broadband connectivity is available with our managed HighBand and EdgePoint VPNs

More Security Offerings

Wireless Security Applications: Leverage the speed and flexibility of Enterprise and M2M 4G LTE/3G wireless to power your security solution

Security Operations Center & Support: 24x7 SOC provides rapid-response customer service and monitoring for network intrusion detection and surveillance systems

Financial Services Security: Our security solutions, tailored to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the financial services industry