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Ventus networking solutions and cloud services keep transactions and business-critical communications flowing
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Business Continuity to Preserve Your Operations

Mitigate the business risks posed by disasters and network outages. Alleviate costly downtime, and increase customer satisfaction by partnering with Ventus to keep transactions flowing and business processes running. Ventus ensures persistent network availability and data recovery. Your business requires a survivability solution that preserves your mission-critical operations in any scenario, for corporate, branch, and remote locations and devices .

Choose Ventus to achieve persistent connectivity and no-fail business continuity.

4G LTE Wireless & Fixed Line Backup ensures continuous network availability:

Enterprise Wireless WAN for Backup Connectivity

Wireless Financial Services Branch Backup

Fixed-Line Financial Services Branch Backup

Cloud Solutions preserve your ability to maintain operations without fail:

Storage Cloud: Remote storage for data recovery ensures mission-critical knowledge is preserved

Application Cloud: Robust, high-availability environment acts as an alternate data processing site

Transaction Cloud: Preserves your transaction routing capabilities when primary systems fail

OnDemand Cloud: When disaster strikes, immediately-available IT & network services preserve operations