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Providing business services

High-bandwidth connectivity enables kiosks to provide fast response time and improved customer experience and satisfaction.
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Ventus securely transmits kiosk applications and customer data to meet your business and compliance requirements.
  • Level 1 compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • Encryption through IPSec, generic routing encapsulation (GRE), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256), secure sockets layer/transport layer security (SSL/TSL), and private tunnels
  • Active firewalls and intrusion detection systems

Connecting Customers to Kiosk Information and Services

Standalone kiosks are growing as a cost-effective, convenient way to provide business services, information, and other content to a wide audience.

Ventus M2M wireless provides secure, fast, reliable networking for self-service kiosks. High-bandwidth connectivity enables kiosks to provide fast response time and improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Ventus Wireless Solutions for Kiosk Networking

Capture more traffic in more locations: The Ventus Wireless solution provides the flexibility to offer kiosk services anywhere a cellular signal is available. Meet the changing needs of a dynamic marketplace- easily change a kiosk’s location without costly and time-consuming fixed line installations. Our quick to market solution is ideal for any kiosk application, including pop-up, temporary, and seasonal roll outs. Ventus wireless also provides a cost-effective backup link for kiosks with existing fixed-line network connections.

Ventus protocol conversion software extends the life of legacy kiosks while leveraging the benefits of wireless connectivity. You’ll benefit from our existing relationships with processor gateways for easy delivery of kiosk data and transactions to multiple payment-processing hosts.

Economical rate plans with data pooling share your plan usage from multiple sites to maximize value and budget efficiently.

Ventus offers the leading, cellular-based solution for data transport in the machine-to-machine market. Our wireless routers are uniquely engineered for high availability and choose the most efficient network path to maximize application speed and minimize customer wait time.

For additional security, the Ventus M2M wireless router contains a tilt sensor and GPS-based geo-fencing capabilities that detect kiosk movement and send an alert indicate potential theft or tampering.

Complete Network Management Services

Ventus provides complete wireless network solutions, supplying connectivity devices, provisioning the wireless connection, and full lifecycle network monitoring, management, and support.

The 24x7, state-of-the-art Ventus Technical Support Center is staffed by highly skilled, US-based technical and implementation support teams, who deliver tiered support for your wireless connections. Well-defined escalation procedures assure rapid response and resolution for hardware and network support.

Track usage statistics, device status, and monitor network alerts remotely with the Ventus Genesis™ network monitoring and management system.