Diverse security solutions

Partner with Ventus for connectivity that meets a wide range of operational and industry compliance standards.
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Deploy Ventus Cellular Wireless for multiple security applications:

  • Physical security and alarm monitoring
  • Asset tracking and loss prevention
  • Fleet management
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Network security
This solution is well-suited for industries with extensive remote assets:

  • Retail deployments of self-service kiosks
  • Meter-reading systems for utilities
  • ATMs for financial institutions
  • Construction and field equipment
Geo-Fencing Features

  • Interactive maps provide real-time asset tracking via an easy-to-use, online interface
  • Pre-defined coordinate monitoring recognizes unexpected or unauthorized movement, such as a mobile device traveling in an unanticipated path
  • Alerts sent to pre-determined parties: local authorities, private security firm, or key individuals
Video Surveillance Advantages

  • Provide primary or back-up network connectivity for your surveillance systems
  • Integrate video surveillance where fixed-line installations are costly or unavailable
  • Support scalability with quick, simple setup for seasonal, temporary, or mobile locations

Network Connectivity to Meet Diverse Security Needs

The strength and stability of today's cellular wireless networks make them a powerful solution for your enterprise security platform needs. Partner with Ventus for connectivity that meets a wide range of operational and industry compliance standards.

Ventus Wireless provides secure connectivity to protect property, employees, and customers and guard data, computers, networks, and applications. Our solutions meet and exceed industry and regulatory compliance standards for data and network security.

The Unique Benefits of Wireless Security Connectivity

Ventus cellular wireless offers robust, secure, and flexible connectivity delivering cost-effective, usage-based pricing and data pooling plans. Wireless connectivity and hardware is more discrete than fixed-line security systems. Our appliances are easily concealed without exposed cabling, thereby enhancing your physical security.

Physical Security and Alarm Monitoring

Ventus Alarm Monitoring Connectivity is based on high-performance, economical M2M wireless technology. A Ventus network router provides single or multiple connections to transmit data from diverse alarm and security monitoring systems to your security monitoring sites.

Use this solution as a primary or backup network connection to maintain remote access to security systems during a local network outage. Ventus also provides robust, 24x7 monitoring capabilities to maintain high availability for the routers and wireless network connections.

Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Ventus asset tracking and loss prevention solutions safeguard your property. The geo-fencing capability in the Ventus wireless router offers an easy, affordable way to establish a virtual geographic perimeter to protect stationary or mobile devices. Global positioning satellite (GPS) or assisted aGPS (with cell tower triangulation) technology within the Ventus wireless router tracks the location of your device. Alerts notify you when the device is moved outside a defined area, which may indicate potential theft or tampering.

Fleet Management

Ventus Geo-Fencing uses embedded GPS or aGPS technologies to track and manage equipment, containers, or vehicles.

This solution is ideal for shipping and logistics managers, service technicians, sales teams, and others tracking the real-time location of field resources. It enhances the security of your assets in the field and improves productivity and efficiencies for their deployment and movement.

Remote Video Surveillance

The Ventus Video Surveillance solution uses Ventus wireless routers and cellular networks to transmit video and device alerts to your security monitoring center. Optional connections to third-party central monitoring sites and local authorities support supplementary security monitoring and response.

Cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), alarm panels, and other devices can use single or multiple M2M connections to your security monitoring platform. The router is inherently protected from tampering by internal tilt sensors ready to send automated alerts.

Network Security

Ventus wireless enhances the security of your data and network connections meeting your business and compliance requirements, using a variety of security methods.

Security Method Features
Encryption Supports many industry-standard encryption and private-tunnel methods
Intrusion Detection Monitors network connections, identifies and isolates potential threats, and sends alerts
Managed Firewalls Protects networks against internal and external attacks
Address Filtering Secures wireless access points to prevent unauthorized access
Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Establishes a secure tunnel to allow traffic from an authorized network device to securely traverse the cellular network.