Reliable, high-bandwidth access

Customer ready WiFi, POS transactions, and wireless failover solutions, all backed by our PCI-secure network
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Serving Your Customers While Protecting Your Data

Quick-service restaurants and retail stores find a competitive advantage in offering Internet access to customers. Yet, it’s essential to separate customer traffic from point-of-sale (POS) transactions and other sensitive business data.

Until now, separate network services and access lines have been the only way to provide this data separation and security.

Ventus Wireless Networking Solution for Quick Service Retail

The Ventus wireless networking solution gives your retail locations reliable, high-bandwidth access to your corporate network and the Internet. Use this solution to segment and securely transport POS transactions, business data, and digital signage content. For IP voice service, this solution also offers Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities through multiple wireless paths.

You can also use the Ventus wireless router (included in the solution) as a customer-ready WiFi Internet hot spot. In this implementation, your private business data is protected from unauthorized access by customers because it is sent over a separate wireless channel and a different cellular carrier.

The Ventus network infrastructure is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards that govern point-of-sale transactions. Using technologies such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and private tunneling, we have delivered secure data transport for billions of payment card transactions across the US.

Wireless network access is quick to install, cost-effective, and resilient, which makes the Ventus solution ideal for mobile, seasonal, or temporary locations. You can monitor and manage your network connections with Ventus Genesis™, our Web -based network monitoring system.

Solutions for Primary and Backup Connectivity

The Ventus wireless solution can provide the primary network link for the remote device, or serve as a backup to existing fixed-line connections. Maintain your ability to process payments despite a service outage in a fixed DSL, T1, or cable connection. Our router software quickly identifies the network failure, then switches the network connection for that site to an active cellular carrier. By using a wireless network link as a failover solution, you can keep customers happy and avoid losing revenue.