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Ventus creates innovative, enterprise class solutions that set new standards of performance.
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V-Series Overview

V-Series Data Sheet

Ventus V-Series Routers feature:

  • Support for CDMA, GSM, 4G LTE, 3G, WiMAX and the latest cellular data standards for high-bandwidth applications
  • Up to 1.5 TB disk capacity for on-site storage of security video and data
  • Support for up to 16 IP cameras or other devices for real-time monitoring
  • Lightweight power supply
  • Self-sustaining internal power supply provides remote access to router after a power outage, sending alerts to avoid unwanted dispatches
  • Hardware arrives user-ready for fast, simple installation
  • Always-on router functionality tailored to Enterprise and M2M networking requirements

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Wireless Network Appliances

Ventus designs and manufactures industry-leading wireless networking hardware that offers superior functionality. Our routers combine advanced integration features and automated systems to produce consistent results and network reliability.

Our V-Series M2M routers and enterprise routers have been developed with unique features and benefits that reflect our experience in providing wireless and fixed line networks that require high availability and peak performance. All Ventus networking appliances are manufactured in accordance with Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives and ISO 9001:2008 certification quality assurance standards.

Built to support all wireless technologies, including 4G LTE, WiMAX, and 3G, our V-Series wireless routers offer secure, robust connectivity for any Enterprise or M2M networking application.

V-Series Enterprise Class Routers: Modular routers offering embedded Multi-Module 4G Wireless Access Gateways and customizable interfaces for multiple uses to deliver secure, enterprise class network connectivity: ideal for corporate offices, branch locations, regional offices, WAN connectivity, data centers, retail/POS locations, security and video surveillance equipment, and wireless hotspots

  • V4100 - Modular router offering two embedded 4G Wireless Access Gateways and a customizable interfaces for multiple uses
  • V4200 - Modular router offering two embedded 4G Wireless Access Gateways and two customizable interfaces for multiple uses
  • V4500 - Rack-mountable modular router offering two embedded 4G Wireless Access Gateways and four customizable interfaces for multiple uses

V-Series M2M Routers: Modular routers with embedded 4G Wireless Access Gateways to deliver secure dependable network connectivity for M2M applications: ideal for ATM terminals, lotto terminals, digital signage, self service kiosk, fleet management, QSR, retail/POS locations, security equipment, and remote device management

  • V2000 - Small-scale modular router offering an embedded 4G Wireless Access Gateway and GPS tracking
  • V1000 - Small-scale modular router offering an embedded 4G Wireless Access Gateway

Software to Optimize Connectivity

Ventus wireless routers are designed with advanced feature sets to enhance speed, performance, reliability, reporting and management of your wireless and fixed line networks.

  • Engineered analytics track and mitigate: latency, environmental radio frequency (RF) interference, and tower congestion to optimize network performance
  • Dynamic failover: Ventus wireless router identifies network connection issues and restores connectivity quickly and seamlessly to avoid extended outages
  • Instashield™: Blocks unwanted use by preventing port scanning on the router
  • Aion™: Analyzes cellular network infrastructure to determine the optimal path for your data traffic
  • VPulse™: Eliminates the latency commonly associated with wireless networks by keeping the Ventus wireless router in an active state
  • Ventus Genesis™ System automation, network monitoring and management system: Integrates seamlessly with Ventus devices
  • Ventus antennas and radio frequency (RF) signal boosters extend network reach for improved coverage where service is limited