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Ventus provides more coverage than any single carrier allowing for flexibility and mobility. We go where you need to be.
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True Nationwide Coverage

Ventus serves more locations than any single carrier to deliver superior network coverage.

Many cellular carriers claim to provide “nationwide” wireless service, but their coverage maps reveal large dead zones that have no wireless coverage. With access to more cellular towers Ventus offers the best service in any region.

Partner with Ventus to choose the cellular platform that provides the best service and meets your M2M or enterprise application needs. Ventus wireless network solutions support CDMA, GSM, 4G LTE, and the latest cellular data standards for high-bandwidth applications.

Pre-Installation Surveys

Many variables affect the coverage and performance of a wireless network. By conducting multiple pre-installation surveys, Ventus engineers review and analyze interference, power supply, mounting options, and network connectivity in order to recommend the best wireless solution for each location.

  • Engineering surveys: Evaluate RF signal strength, high data rate, physical building conditions, interference levels and sources, interior building conditions, and mounting options for the router, antenna, and signal booster (if needed).
  • Physical survey: Analyze the physical characteristics of a location, providing input on the best positioning for routers and antennas to optimize the wireless signal.
  • RF survey: Assess the way RF waves will behave in an environment in order to identify the equipment needed for optimal wireless network performance.

Ventus Wireless Hardware

Ventus wireless routers include embedded software to enhance the strength, speed, and capabilities of your cellular service.

  • Minimize the latency of wireless networks by keeping the cellular signal alive
  • Route your data through the fastest network pathways
  • Engineered analytics track and mitigate network noise, latency, environmental RF signal interference, and tower congestion that can reduce application performance levels
  • Antennas and radio frequency (RF) signal boosters extend network reach for improved coverage where service is limited