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Ventus provides the perfect solution for your network. Fast and reliable wireless connectivity, custom tailored to fit your exact needs.
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Ventus is the leading provider of cellular wireless solutions, supporting a broad range of industries and business needs.

  • Pioneering wireless router and operating system (CeloxOS™) support network flexibility and high reliability
  • M2M Wireless and Enterprise Wireless connectivity solutions
  • Innovative fixed wireless solutions meet business requirements and integrate easily into existing networks
  • Support for all cellular platforms (4G LTE/3G) for increased bandwidth
  • High-speed network backbone supports voice, data, and video communications
  • Always-on connectivity for primary or backup network connections
  • Fully managed solution--Ventus provides the wireless routers, manages the connections, monitors the network, and provides full lifecycle support

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From Industry Pioneer to Industry Leader

Ventus is the leader in enterprise and M2M cellular wireless technology. More industry experience than any other provider enables us to offer unsurpassed wireless service, coverage, and devices.

  • Service:  Industry-focused offerings remove the complexity of developing and managing wireless networks.
  • Coverage: Network sharing agreements enable us to offer three times the coverage of any single carrier.
  • Software & Hardware: We leverage profound industry knowledge to design and manufacture appliances that optimize carrier networks.

Ventus pioneered the cellular wireless industry by leveraging wireless technology to deliver always-on enterprise class connectivity. We were the first to provide embedded cellular based wireless technology for business devices and locations. Today, cellular carriers turn to Ventus to provide fully-managed always-on wireless solutions. Thanks to our reliable solutions, proven products, and superior service we now have more persistent M2M nodes under management than any other provider.

Wireless: The Global Standard

Harness the full potential of cellular broadband technology. Wireless is the new standard, utilized by global organizations to create secure, scalable, and cost-effective enterprise connectivity. Ventus Wireless is a strong, competitive, proven technology that offers an economical alternative to fixed-line networking. Our solutions offer high availability, superior coverage and exceptional service for Enterprise Wireless WAN, M2M and remote communications.  We enable your organization to effectively leverage wireless technology to drive business forward. 

Innovative Engineering Enhances Wireless Capabilities

Ventus designs, develops, and manufactures industry-leading enterprise and M2M wireless network hardware and software to optimize carrier networks for superior wireless service.

  • Engineered analytics track: latency, environmental radio frequency (RF) interference, and tower congestion to optimize network performance
  • Dynamic failover: Ventus wireless router identifies network connection issues and restores connectivity quickly and seamlessly to avoid extended outages
  • Instashield: Blocks unwanted use by preventing port scanning on the router
  • Aion: Analyzes cellular network infrastructure to determine the optimal path for your data traffic
  • VPulse: Eliminates the latency commonly associated with wireless networks by keeping the Ventus wireless router in an active state
  • Ventus Genesis™ network monitoring and management system: Integrates seamlessly with Ventus devices to display network status and alerts


Features Benefits
Integrated wireless equipment, software, and data plans One source for all your network needs
Seamless interoperability with your existing network
Ventus-designed wireless router and router operating system Ventus wireless routers arrive user-ready for fast, simple installation
Always-on router functionality tailored to enterprise networking requirements
Protocol conversion for transaction processing Leverages existing hardware investments to deliver flexible network connectivity
Pre-sales, installation support, monitoring, and lifecycle management Architected wireless solution frees your staff to focus on core business activities
Single point of contact for all your business, installation, and support needs
Flexible monthly plans, data-plan pooling Support budgeting and cost reduction
Enable the most effective use of bandwidth and resources
Network security Encryption and other security measures protect data and user sessions to meet business and compliance requirements
Carrier agnostic network coverage Unrivaled coverage for connecting remote devices and locations