Effective surveillance

Ventus provides end-to-end security solutions for video surveillance, alarm monitoring, asset loss prevention, and storage of security video and data.
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Surveillance to Protect People and Assets

Many businesses depend on effective surveillance and alarm monitoring to protect against losses and damaged assets, foster customer trust, and increase employee safety. Ventus provides end-to-end security solutions for video surveillance, alarm monitoring, asset loss prevention, and storage of security video and data.

Implementing the necessary equipment, systems, network connections, central monitoring facilities and staff is a costly, complex challenge. These factors lead many enterprises to choose Ventus to deploy, monitor, and manage physical and asset security.

Surveillance Services

Ventus Surveillance delivers rapid notification for 24x7 centralized monitoring of remote sites, standalone kiosks, and other systems or devices.

  • Exceptional support for security and incident response
  • Leading-edge equipment and network connections
  • Integration with Ventus network services for cost-effective telecommunications

A Strong Partnership for Security

Choose Ventus as your partner to design a complete surveillance solution for your business. Leverage our cutting-edge security technology, expertise, and operational strength to safeguard your operations against constant threats of theft and vandalism.

  • Multi-tier disaster preparedness to ensure uninterrupted surveillance service
  • Tier IV video and data storage facilities
  • Secure facility design, industry-compliant operational practices, network transport, and data access

Ventus Surveillance Service Solutions

Video Surveillance: Operating from the Ventus security command center, our video surveillance service monitors security camera feeds to quickly identify crime or potential threats. For incident response, the Ventus team notifies the proper parties such as local authorities and your in-house security department.

Alarm Monitoring: Secure your facilities, equipment, and assets with Ventus monitoring and event logging services for multiple types of alarm systems. Monitored systems include motion and intrusion detectors, electronic access control, fire and life safety, physical security equipment, and alarm panels. Our trained staff actively monitors your systems, identifies potential threats, and notifies the parties you identify for incident response.

Loss Prevention: Protect equipment, self-service kiosks, and remote-site assets from tampering and theft with real-time tracking over the Ventus network. Our geo-fencing and tilt sensing capabilities within the Ventus wireless router track device location and send an alert when the device is moved--a potential indicator of theft, vandalism, or tampering. Additional response capabilities include activating an on-site security camera or triggering an alarm system.

Security Video and Data Storage: Choose Ventus to manage on-site and off-site storage of surveillance video and security systems data for archival and remote access. Our storage services offer the advantages of instant retrieval of stored video to facilitate timely investigations, as well as economical storage scalability and redundancy. All Ventus data centers used for video storage are fully compliant with regulatory requirements and offer security in their design, operations, network transport, and data access.