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Deploy a single connection to deliver data from multiple devices to various endpoints using cost-effective Ventus Security Transport services for primary and backup connectivity.
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Efficient, Economical Transport for Security Video and Data

Connecting multiple security devices like cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), and alarm panels at a single location complicates network infrastructure. Ventus simplifies security transport by streamlining connectivity for disparate services. Deploy a single connection to deliver data from multiple devices to various endpoints using cost-effective Ventus Security Transport services for primary and backup connectivity.

Security Transport Services

Ventus transports security-related traffic: video streams, security system data, alarm signals, and GPS tracking coordinates over a single, integrated fixed-line or wireless link from the remote site. Network links are monitored and managed by Ventus to ensure the local connection is active and available to transmit alarm or data traffic for security events.

Use Ventus network services to:

  • Transport video streams and data from multiple security devices at a single location over a high-speed connection to the Ventus core network. From there, the video and/or data can be routed to multiple destinations:
    • Ventus security operations center (SOC)
    • Third-party security companies
    • Off-site data and video storage facilities
    • In-house security monitoring platforms
    • Local authorities
  • Provide primary and/or backup network connectivity over fixed-line or cellular wireless links
  • Manage options for on-site and remote data and video storage, backup, archival, and remote access

Ventus security transport services offer a streamlined, single platform for providing network connectivity to the different systems used for:

  • Surveillance: Exterior facility and parking lot cameras, loitering detection, entry-door identification systems, access control systems
  • Monitoring activity inside a remote site: Panic alarms, secure area systems, interior security cameras
  • Physical device security: Asset geo-fencing, tilt sensing

Wireless and Fixed-Line Options for Security Transport

Ventus wireless and fixed-line services offer cost-effective, robust, secure, and flexible network connectivity for transporting data and video from enterprise security systems.  Ventus routers reduce costs by integrating video and data from diverse security systems for transport over a single network connection.

Use Ventus security transport for your primary network connection or a backup to existing fixed lines at local sites for maintaining remote access to security systems during a local network outage.

Ventus provides robust, 24x7 management capabilities maintaining high availability for hardware and network connections. Monitor your network links with Ventus Genesis™, our web-based management platform. We provision network connections and offer field services to install security and networking equipment at local sites.

Years of experience as an industry leader in secure data transmission means Ventus transports your security video, alarm, and data traffic using highly secure, cutting-edge network technology. The scalable Ventus core network provides built-in redundancy for failover, load balancing, multiple protocol support, and Quality of Service (QoS).

Wireless Security Transport

Wireless connectivity offers flexibility and economical performance, making it an increasingly popular option for data and video transport. Ventus delivers solutions with cost-effective, usage-based pricing and data plan pooling available for multiple locations.

Ventus serves more locations, with more towers, than any single carrier to deliver superior network coverage. By linking to the points of presence (POPs) of multiple cellular carriers, Ventus provides superior service despite bad weather, signal interference, or network damage.

The Ventus wireless router includes embedded software to enhance the strength, speed, and capabilities of the local cellular service. The router itself is protected from tampering with internal tilt sensors that send an alert if the router is moved. Because the router can be placed within your remote devices, criminals may not be aware their activities are being monitored at all.

Fixed-Line Security Transport

Ventus offers a range of secure, affordable broadband DSL, Cable, and Fiber options as well as virtual private network (VPN) services for security transport. These services provide dependable, high-bandwidth network connectivity that meets your budget and utilize the innovative Ventus network router for connecting your local security devices.