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Protect your business integrity, data confidentiality, network resources, and assets.
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Safeguard Your Business with Smarter Security Solutions

Partner with Ventus for a unified approach to protecting your business integrity, data confidentiality, network resources, and assets. Ventus offers a complete security solution that includes physical surveillance, security data transport, off-site security video and data storage, alarm status monitoring, and rapid response.

Ventus security solutions help you to protect your locations, assets, inventory, networks, and devices from unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and tampering. Our perimeter security solutions track asset location with geo-fencing and geo-tracking technology. And our cost-effective storage solutions preserve security video and data for easy future access.

Ventus offers fully managed security solutions:

  • Surveillance services include loss prevention, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and video data storage
  • Network security services use security equipment and managed virtual private networks (VPNs) to control network and data access
  • Security transport services provide primary and backup connectivity among security devices, storage systems, and control centers
  • Innovative security equipment from Ventus integrates with your security systems for enhanced protection and network connectivity