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Simplified cost controls

Create strategies for cost containment with Ventus telecom expense management.
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Ventus telecom expense management services offer industry knowledge and expertise.

  • Customized Invoicing
  • Telecom Expense Tracking Tools
  • Invoice Dispute Resolution
  • Detailed Monthly Analysis

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Enhance Your Business Operations

Managing a robust network includes many activities outside the core focus of your business, like monitoring telecom bills for accuracy and resolving disputes. Ventus partners with clients to manage these activities with a choice of outsourced services for managing telecommunications expenses, and helps create strategies for cost containment.

Telecom Expense Management

Reviewing and reconciling bills from multiple telecom service providers is a tedious and often confusing monthly task. It can be difficult to understand all of the charges, track total expenditures, and resolve billing errors.

With Telecom Expense Management Service, Ventus creates customized invoices, consolidating all of your telecom invoices and customizes them by service type (e.g., wireless, DSL, MPLS, VPN), desired format (paper, electronic, disk), and recipient. You'll receive a single invoice that shows all telecom charges to help you control communications costs.

The detailed monthly analysis is invaluable for managing multiple telecom service portfolios for your internal operations or customers. It can also help you identify opportunities for recurring monthly savings.

Ventus simplifies your cost control efforts with additional tools for tracking corporate telecom expenses. For example, you can receive alerts for bill non-delivery or non-payment, collection activities, and other factors.

Our invoice dispute resolution team has years of industry knowledge and experience dealing with all major carriers. They know what to look for in telco invoices and are highly efficient at resolving billing errors. We find and track pricing discrepancies, misposted payments, unapplied credits, and erroneous taxes and surcharges.