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A single resource

Our 24x7 Technical Support Center monitors every aspect of your network, from endpoint to endpoint, to deliver consistent high availability.
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24x7 Network plan and device management:
  • Ordering and account administration interface for network services
  • Easily provision (move, add, and change) services and equipment
  • Over-the-air network changes
  • Order, request, or automate dispatch of field services

Tailored, Intelligent Network Monitoring

Ventus is your single resource for monitoring every aspect of network infrastructure from endpoint to endpoint. Our 24x7 Technical Support Center delivers consistent, high levels of network availability using Genesis™, our robust web-based network monitoring and management tool.

With Ventus Network Monitoring, Genesis™ offers you the control of and information about your network and networked devices that you need. By integrating seamlessly with existing network monitoring systems and multiple service providers, Genesis™ simplifies network monitoring and management for any user.

The secure, user-friendly portal and GUI dashboard displays intuitive views into network health and equipment status:

  • Proactive MB plan alerts to prevent overages
  • Customizable network performance reporting and benchmarking
  • Real-time maintenance and outage alerts
  • Device status: up/down, device health, event log
  • Multiple network modalities including Wireless, MPLS, Frame Relay, Cable, DSL, Ethernet, Fiber, etc
  • Monitor any segment of the network, from the physical layer to the application layer
  • Network monitoring metrics: response time, availability, consistency, and reliability
  • Wireless network monitoring indicates latency, interference, and environmental conditions