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From start to finish

Our experienced engineers and technicians support your networks with site surveys, field installations, and full life cycle support.
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Ventus Field Services support a wide range of technologies:

  • Ventus, Cisco, Juniper, or other third party networking hardware
  • Network circuits, structured cabling, and on-site engineering
  • ATMs, digital signage, and self-service kiosk networking
  • Alarm panels, security cameras and systems, and digital video recorder (DVR) connectivity
  • Site surveys supporting all wireless technologies

Fully Managed Field Services

Ventus provides fully managed Network and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) site surveys, installations, and technical support for all wireless and fixed-line networks and network devices.

Ventus network engineers and technicians are knowledgeable with landline and wireless networks and can troubleshoot complex network scenarios. Our experienced project management team understands the complexities of procuring, monitoring, and managing your telecommunications equipment and services.

Pre-Installation Wireless Site Surveys

Ventus engineers review and analyze interference, power supply, mounting options, and network connectivity in order to recommend the best wireless solution for each location.

Engineering survey: Evaluate RF signal strength, high data rate, physical building conditions, interference levels and sources, interior building conditions, and mounting options for the router, antenna, and signal booster (if needed).
Physical survey: Analyze the physical characteristics of a location, providing input on the best positioning for routers and antennas to optimize the wireless signal.
RF survey: Assess the way RF waves will behave in an environment in order to identify the equipment needed for optimal wireless network performance.

Field Installation Services

Ventus offers on-site Network and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) field installation and deployment services performed by our worldwide network of industry-certified technicians. These services encompass logistical planning, project management, provisioning, cabling and equipment installations, and replacements for networks and networking equipment.

Full Lifecycle Support

Ventus service support technicians are well versed in complex network and IT infrastructures, are knowledgeable with landline and wireless installations, and can troubleshoot complex network scenarios. Our feet-on-the-street network technical support team provides fully-managed 24x7 troubleshooting and equipment testing, retrieval, and replacement to support your critical operations.