Absolutely unlimited

Secured storage accessible on-demand, enterprise-wide
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With Ventus Storage Cloud Services you can efficiently manage data and video storage:

  • Eliminate unnecessary file duplication
  • Share data across diverse systems
  • Revert to earlier versions of files with auto back-up
Reduce costs and improve performance with data and video storage solutions from Ventus.

  • Scalable and easily accessible data storage make information available to everyone who needs it: enterprise-wide
  • Easy access to customer and product information for a mobile sales force
  • Streamlined project planning, document and file sharing, and collaborative workspaces for thousands of users
  • Back-up video storage and archival for surveillance systems

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Ventus Storage Cloud Services

Ventus provides unlimited storage for data, video, and other content, scaled to your precise needs. Our storage solutions offer a cost-conscious alternative to in-house hardware and software expenditures.

Data stored in the Ventus cloud is accessible on-demand to diverse users across multiple locations, from any secure Internet connection.

Secure Storage

Ventus cloud services bring an exceptional focus on security. As leaders in secure data transmission for the world’s largest organizations, our business depends upon an inherent understanding of network security. We leverage this knowledge to provide a highly secure cloud computing environment.

Cloud Features Benefits
Robust cloud security Ventus adheres to the most stringent risk assessment guidelines to protect the cloud environment and ensure network security.
Tier 4 data centers The Ventus cloud is comprised of completely redundant data centers, operating in a fully active, multiple load-sharing environment to deliver fault-tolerant availability.
Economies of scale Ventus leverages economies of scale to deliver cutting-edge cloud performance. Our cloud environment allows you to easily support new users, applications, data, and locations with unlimited availability. Our services can be scaled up and down to meet your precise needs.
Network services and equipment Providing the latest in advanced hardware technology and the best bandwidth, Ventus is the one-stop source for any network links and equipment you may need for connectivity to Ventus cloud services.