Scalability for growth

Highly available, on-demand access to multiple applications
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Ventus delivers the capacity to support growing business needs:

  • Multiple user access to licensed software
  • Email hosting
  • Custom-developed application environment
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software hosting

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A New Environment for Developing, Testing, and Running Applications

Changes in IT processes, tools, and cost factors prompt many organizations to seek new solutions for their applications environment. Meet your business requirements with Ventus:

  • Deliver secure, highly available, on-demand access to multiple applications
  • Alleviate network and hardware IT capital expenditures
  • Build a collaborative environment for shared efficiencies in application development
  • Achieve gains in productivity while leveraging the full potential of your workforce
  • Efficiently manage multiple applications from a single platform
  • Provide a centralized location for developing and testing new software applications

Ventus Application Cloud Services

Benefit from Ventus’ expertise in Application Cloud Services.  Leverage our experience with software and application hosting to meet a wide range of operational goals.

Ventus SaaS (Software as a Service) provides an ideal environment for custom-developed applications.

Ventus PaaS (Platform as a Service) provides a high-availability, protected, multiple user environment for your software development team to build and test new applications and systems.

Cloud Features Benefits
Robust cloud security Ventus adheres to the most stringent risk assessment guidelines to protect the cloud environment and ensure network security.
Tier 4 data centers The Ventus cloud is comprised of completely redundant data centers, operating in a fully active, multiple load-sharing environment to deliver fault-tolerant availability.
Economies of scale Ventus leverages economies of scale to deliver cutting-edge cloud performance. Our cloud environment allows you to easily support new users, applications, data, and locations with unlimited availability. Our services can be scaled up and down to meet your precise needs.
Network services and equipment Providing the latest in advanced hardware technology and the best bandwidth, Ventus is the one-stop source for any network links and equipment you may need for connectivity to Ventus cloud services.