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Global connectivity

Flexibility and scalability across integrated domestic and global connectivity
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Ventus offers three bandwidth options for all Frame Relay services:
  • DS-0: 56/64 kbps
  • DS-1: 1.54 mbps
  • DS-3: 45 mbps

Ventus Frame Relay

Ventus Frame Relay services deliver private network connections for remote devices and corporate offices. With standardized services and circuit speeds from 56K up to DS-3, Frame Relay supports integrated domestic and global connectivity. Frame Relay allows you to make the most efficient use of available bandwidth and manage your costs through greater flexibility and scalability than is available through direct, private-line networks.

Ventus Frame Relay Features

Ventus supports a wide range of local, domestic, and international Frame Relay services.

  • Domestic: Supports connections among locations within a single metropolitan area, a local region, or across the United States.
  • International: Ventus uses network-to-network interface (NNI) agreements to deliver international Frame Relay services. Global connectivity offers a seamless, integrated networking solution for your business worldwide.
  • Frame Relay to ATM: Interworking with an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) service allows constant-bit-rate services to be delivered along with Frame Relay. This network infrastructure supports Frame Relay remote sites that hub to ATM DS-3 circuits. It also provides fully-rated ports for DS-3 access and the ability to migrate a network to higher transmission rates.
  • Frame to MPLS: Internetworking extends Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) compatibility to remote Frame Relay sites, providing an ideal transition step for companies that are migrating to MPLS.

Frame Relay Monitoring and Management

Rely on Ventus to provision, install, manage, and monitor everything you need for Frame Relay service--from the circuits and equipment to the private network cloud and live technical support. You will also receive proactive, Web-based alerts, self-diagnosing software, service level agreements (SLAs), and 24x7 technical support from our U.S. based Technical Support Center.