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Powerful and flexible

VentusDSL offers high-bandwidth network access technology that supports data, voice, and video applications.
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VentusDSL is a cost-effective choice for remote-office access
  • Simple, powerful, and flexible
  • Transmit data updates
  • Broadcast digital advertising
  • Route security information

All on the same connection

DSL: Integrated Network Access for Multiple Applications

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service offers high-bandwidth network access technology that supports multiple applications (data, voice, and video) over a dedicated line. DSL delivers dedicated bandwidth while eliminating the need for expensive upgrades to your network. As business needs grow, DSL offers seamless scalability to higher speeds, using the same VentusDSL equipment. VentusDSL service options span a wide array of transmission configurations, including symmetric or asymmetric, with speeds from 128kbps to well over 5Mbps.

Simple, powerful, and flexible, DSL provides a cost-effective choice for remote-office access to an enterprise network. Transmit data updates, broadcast digital advertising, and route security information--all on the same connection.

The Ventus DSL Broadband Solution

Ventus Broadband DSL Service (VentusDSL) offers a complete, endpoint-to-endpoint managed solution for high-speed, broadband network access. VentusDSL makes an excellent choice for burstable data traffic, because the "always on" connection means accessibility and bandwidth are constantly available.

Because DSL operates over existing telephone lines, installation is easy. VentusDSL offers near seamless integration with your applications and no requirement for specialized user training.

VentusDSL Features Typical Applications
Fully-managed, single-source solution

Nationwide coverage

Intelligent equipment

Complete installation and cabling services

Quality network access

Competitive pricing and consolidated billing

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Static IP addresses

Web-based remote monitoring

Real-time, proactive alerts for service availability

Encryption and virtual private network (VPN) security

24x7 Technical Support Center
Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction routing

Remote server access

Digital advertising

Security system monitoring

Interactive multimedia

Wide area networking

Voice over IP (VoIP)