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Capitalize on low-cost connectivity and our industry-leading service.
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Ventus Dial services include:

  • Basic analog telephone service (POTS)
  • Comprehensive implementation and project management services
  • Support for legacy private-line analog services
  • Large-scale analog network deployment
  • Demarcation, service extension, and inside facilities cabling

Basic Network Service for Occasional Connectivity

Although the world is becoming increasingly digital, dial-up network access continues to play a role in many routine operations. Analog dial, or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), remains a cost-conscious choice for business applications that need occasional, low-speed network connectivity such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, kiosks, fax machines, and other basic remote devices.

Ventus Analog Dial Services

Ventus Dial offers a cost-effective, reliable choice for businesses requiring simple, straightforward network connectivity. We guide you through smooth, simple installations or seamless transitions while providing 24x7 support.

With Ventus Dial you can:

  • Capitalize on low-cost connectivity and industry-leading service
  • Achieve economical network connectivity, even in rural and remote areas
  • Gain consolidated, customized billingfor dial services
  • Access any number of transaction processors with Ventus RASLink

Dial-to-TCP/IP Conversion with Ventus RASLink

POS transactions that are sent to your processing systems over an async dial connection typically require conversion to TCP/IP packets. The VentusRASLink async dial remote service cost-effectively transports transactiondata via existing connections to endpoints that require TCP/IP packets.

Ventus RASLink Features
Call Control Private 800 number
Call blocking against non-authorized numbers
Auto hang-up on voice calls
Call cut-off to prevent excess billing seconds (based on user requirements)
Redundancy Multiple, load-balanced data center terminations
Redundant 800 numbers (Primary no answer, re-dial enabled to alternate processing location)
Tailored Billing Custom, scalable call plans for your requirements
Custom invoicing (dialed number reporting, call duration and volumes)