Broadband Connectivity

Connect devices and business locations with Ventus cable and DSL.
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Broadband Portfolio

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Broadband Services for Network Connectivity

Broadband has evolved into the ideal last-mile networking solution for many enterprises. Ventus offers a choice of affordable cable and DSL broadband options for connecting devices and business locations.

Use Ventus broadband solutions for an extensive array of applications such as point-of-sale (POS) system transaction routing, digital advertising, interactive multimedia, and server access. We check service availability in your coverage areas to help you make the right network infrastructure decisions.

Ventus offers a comprehensive portfolio of broadband services for fault-tolerant network connectivity. Our networking expertise includes managed services, optimizing private circuits to a full-scale network design, and implementating a customized network infrastructure.

Ventus Broadband Services

  • Secure, affordable broadband options for your business: DSL and Cable
  • Dependable network connectivity that meets your budget
  • Low latency, high-bandwidth network access for remote systems and branch office applications
  • Primary and back-up data transmission
  • Business-class, “always on,” dedicated-line solutions without having to deal with local carriers or high service costs
  • Services, features, and options such as secure monitoring, managed billing, choice of dynamic or static IP addresses, and managed virtual private networks (VPNs)