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Create the foundation for a harmonious network environment.
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Peripherals to Support Robust Networks

Ventus hardware peripherals and equipment support your network to create a sound infrastructure that delivers consistent results. All Ventus hardware is completely interoperable with other Ventus products and third party networking equipment, creating the foundation for a harmonious network environment.

The peripherals we offer include:

High-gain and Wideband Antennas: Ventus offers performance-enhancing high-gain and wideband antennas that unite with our wireless routers and embedded software to optimize carrier networks for superior cellular service. Our antennas have been specifically designed and developed to meet customer needs and improve the reach of enterprise-class wireless service and M2M networks.

Signal Amplifiers: For locations with a weak cellular wireless coverage, our 30dB and 60dB signal amplifiers boost cellular signal and reliability.

Protocol Converters: Ventus Protocol Converters extend legacy device lifecycles and facilitate network integration. Capable of handling large-scale remote connections, our serial-to-IP converters and Remote Dial Access (RAS) Servers are designed to seamlessly integrate with customer networks and devices to streamline transaction processes and reduce costs.

Networking Equipment: We provide a wide range of additional networking equipment to support robust architectures: additional power supplies, cable adaptors, and cabling.