Things We Learned at NRF 2017

NORWALK, CT – February 10, 2017

Ventus had a great time exhibiting at this years’ NRF. We showcased several new solutions, talked to valued customers, and met some new faces. Although there was much to see and take in, here are the most pressing topics we found ourselves discussing:

Retailers demand Managed Wi-Fi

Shoppers’ increasing use of mobile to make in-store purchasing decisions has made reliable, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi an absolute must for retailers. The impact from a down guest Wi-Fi network, or from insufficient bandwidth limiting customer access to the network, can quickly be amplified through negative comments posted on social media. Thus, overall network stability is a crucial component in the success of Wi-Fi features such as integrated shopping apps, wireless inventory systems, and shopper behavior analytics. Indeed, the most notable discussions about Wi-Fi concerned the uptime of the network and how essential a managed Wi-Fi network is becoming. The power of Ventus Managed NaaS for Wi-Fi gives retailers the opportunity to optimize their WLAN, ensuring secure, disruption-free connectivity for both customers and in-store wireless applications.

SD-WAN continues to gain traction as a cost-effective option

With respect to retail networks, all conversations inevitably lead to SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network). SD-WAN technology allows businesses to have multiple types of network connectivity, such as broadband, cellular, or MPLS, transporting data at the same time, with traffic distributed across all connections to optimize bandwidth and speed. Ventus Managed NaaS for SD-WAN takes things a step further, handling all the critical networking details including engineering, installation, monitoring, and support, meaning retailers can focus on running their business without having to worry about service interruption.

PCI regulation is still top of mind

Meeting PCI segmentation requirements for POS data is a top priority for many of the retailers that were in attendance. PCI network segmentation helps reduce the scope and complexity of card-processing networks. Ventus offers comprehensive networking packages with secure VLAN service and support for PCI segmentation via flexible, resilient 4G LTE connectivity.


About Ventus

Ventus is the industry leader in IT networking innovations, leveraging technology to produce market-driving solutions for the world’s largest companies. Operating from over 20 years of experience delivering secure enterprise class networks, Ventus develops cellular wireless and fixed line IT solutions for an expanding array of business connectivity applications. Ventus IT Solutions offers fully managed networks with an emphasis on security and high availability. The company’s solutions include PCI-DSS compliant data transport, integration services, data encryption, cloud services, and integrated network administration and monitoring systems. Ventus’ robust IT solutions are powered by the unique products developed by the company’s network hardware technologies division.

Ventus Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced cellular and fixed line hardware for machine-to-machine and enterprise wireless applications. Ventus’ innovative hardware includes modular, multi-interface embedded wireless 4G LTE/3G routers and high performance multi-band 400Hz – 1900Hz cellular antennas designed to meet the needs of bandwidth intensive, high-availability corporate networks as well as distributed M2M applications.

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