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Ventus hardware provides enterprise class connectivity for every business application.
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Enterprise Hardware and Peripherals Division

Ventus designs and manufactures enterprise class hardware designed to provide flexible and expandable networks, with routers, boosters, high-gain and wideband antennas, protocol converters, serial converters, and switches. We are in the latest stages of developing our new security products line, which includes high resolution security cameras and surveillance tools. All Ventus hardware is completely interoperable, creating the foundation for a harmonious network environment that supports your operations.

Our ability to develop innovative multi-functioning networking appliances is derived from our in-depth expertise in deploying and managing enterprise wireless, M2M and fixed-line networks for the world’s largest companies.  This experience compels us to design hardware with unique technical advantages that alleviate remote management challenges and performance issues related to Radio Frequency (RF) improvements and internal power systems. In concert with these features, our hardware design incorporates physical security, real time tracking and mass storage capabilities for store-and-forward technology.

Ventus believes in continuously developing products that solve day-to-day business challenges.  We reinvest a significant portion of our profits in research and development, which fuels our ability to leverage the latest technologies and standards in the growing M2M wireless and networking arenas. Our products are engineered with a focus on high availability, adaptability, rapid deployment and ease of use.

All Ventus networking appliances and antennas are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certification quality assurance standards and designed with environmental sensitivity in compliance with Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives.

Wireless and Fixed-Line Networking Routers

Our proven, carrier-class hardware: wireless, M2M and fixed line multi-interface routers, Serial to IP converters, and security products  serve as building blocks for adaptable IT infrastructures. Our devices bring unique features and benefits that reflect our industry knowledge and experience in providing fully managed network services and lifecycle support.

Ventus routers support multiple devices and connections for wireless and fixed line networks, including Cellular Wireless, Ethernet, Fiber, MPLS, Frame Relay, DSL, Cable, and Dial.

High Gain and Wideband Antennas

Our performance-enhancing high-gain and wideband antennas unite with our wireless routers and embedded software to optimize carrier networks for superior cellular service. Our antennas have been specifically designed and developed to meet customer needs and improve the reach of enterprise class wireless service and M2M networks.

Protocol Converters

Ventus’ line of protocol converters has been developed to meet customer needs for tools that extend legacy device lifecycles and facilitate network integration. Capable of handling large-scale remote connections, our serial-to-IP converters and Remote Dial Access (RAS) Servers are designed to seamlessly integrate with customer networks and devices to streamline transaction processes and reduce costs.