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Delivering customer-centric innovation that leverages technology to produce market-driving solutions
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About Us: Market-Driving Solutions from a Market Leader

Ventus is a global wireless and fixed-line connectivity, hardware, and software company delivering customer-centric innovation that leverages technology to produce market-driving solutions. Serving the world’s largest companies, our business divisions often overlap to meet a wide range of enterprise IT and networking needs. Learn more about our robust networks, unique hardware, fully managed services, innovative engineering, security solutions, and industry expertise.



Cellular Wireless and Radio Frequency

Ventus creates secure, enterprise class and M2M cellular wireless hardware, software and networking solutions that consistently surpass industry-wide performance standards.

Enterprise Hardware and Peripherals

We manufacture enterprise class multi-functioning networking appliances: routers, boosters, high-gain and wideband antennas, protocol converters, serial converters, and switches.

Network and Physical Security

Our security solutions protect your assets by securing networks, data, physical facilities and equipment.

Fixed Line Telecommunications

Our PCI compliant, secured connections support global business networks, offering: Optical, Ethernet, Fiber, MPLS, Frame Relay, DSL, Cable, and Async Dial.

Software Application and Development

We leverage profound industry knowledge to design and build software that helps businesses meet their strategic objectives.

IT Outsourcing and Cloud Services

We offer a broad knowledge base and industry leading solutions for networking, software engineering, infrastructure, telecommunications, and cloud computing.


A Dedication to Excellence

Ventus continually aims for excellence — both in the products and services we offer and in the ways we operate. Our philosophy reflects a dedication to constant improvement of our operations, commitment to our customers, enrichment of our global community, and achieving environmental sustainability.


Our Philosophy

A dedication to hard work and a steadfast commitment to innovation and imagination have helped us earn a reputation for consummate quality in all that we do.

Community Involvement

We are devoted to supporting and contributing to the communities in which we operate, on both the local level and the global scale.

Dedication to Customers

Our commitment to customers — to the improvement of their operations and to the success of their enterprise — defines our focus.

Environmental Sustainability

We aspire towards completely environmentally sustainable operations – throughout every level of our business.